Saturday, May 14, 2011

There aren't a lot of things that compare to pure trading....

but if I had to make a comparison to the closest activity to independent trading, more so on the screen than in the pit, bullriding is the only thing that comes close.  Although bullriders represent physically what the few independent traders left do mentally, there are are a lot of similarities in trying to ride an uncontrollable and overwhelming force which brings the pain on a regular basis.  The thrill of success far outweighs any negative consequences and as a result, there is a dedication and optimism of the next chance which no other "careers" can match.  In an age where pay rarely reflects performance in both sports and the corporate world, bullriding and independent trading both have to earn everything solely by their performance with no safety net whatsoever.  In my opinion, both activities are the toughest, ballsiest activities in sports and the financial world, respectively.

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