Sunday, May 29, 2011

Edward E. Mansfield Trading Room

The two trading floors at the CBOT are simply referred to as the "bond room" and the "grain room" but while the bond room remains unnamed, the grain room is officially titled the Edward E. Mansfield Trading Room.  Mansfield worked over 65 years at the CBOT starting at 16 in 1924 and retired in 1989 at age 82 as Chief Security Guard with the grain room being named after him in 1985. 

There isn't much written about Mansfield but everything I've read portrayed him as a loving guy who knew everyone's names and even their kid's names.  If I come across more about Mansfield, I'll update this post but otherwise this is the only article I could find on him:

Retirement Closing 65-year Era At Cbot

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