Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Moving Day

I'm happy to point out that the main tradingpithistory.com site has finished it's redesign and the blog will no longer be at this separate tradingpitblog.com domain, here is the new address under tradingpithistory.com which the blog will continue at:  https://tradingpithistory.com/blog/

There still are a handful of things to be done and until those are completed, this domain will remain up and then will eventually redirect to the main site.  I've got a bit of material I'll put up in the blog at the primary site once I get a handle on things and also some distractions out of the way (trading, travel and more Grateful Dead shows). 

I'm also excited to finish filling out the Further Resources section on the redesigned tradingpithistory.com because it will be the most concentrated resource for various media and information regarding this history!

See ya at the new blog home
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