Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CBOT ad featuring Nikita Krushchev

From U.S. News & World Report October 28, 1963

CME trading floor opening

A packet of assorted stuff from the opening of the 444 W. Jackson trading floor of the CME. The guy I got it from said noone else kept theirs so I've probably got one of the only copies remaining. Remember that if you click on any of the photos, they enlarge for better detail.

Small pamphlet enclose of trading floor guide which also listed a map and booth numbers.

Some nice glossy photos were also enclosed

Monday, November 17, 2008

1998 CBOT 150th anniversary celebration

Invitation and dinner program to CBOT's Sesquicentennial gala June 13th, 1998.

1930 CBOT building opening banquet program

The CBOT hosted a large banquet to open their new building on June 9th, 1930 at the Grand Ballroom of the Stevens Hotel.

1930 CBOT building opening booklet

I actually have two of these booklets which were given to celebrate the opening of the CBOT building in 1930. It's a 34 page booklet and I scanned a few of the more interesting pages below.

Rogue Trader

Movie info at

Trading Places

Memorable quotes from Trading Places

Friday, November 14, 2008

CME Commemorative Stock Certificate

This was handed out on the trading floor the day of the CME's IPO.

Open Outcry DVD

My first week at the Merc in late 1999, filming for the PBS documentary Open Outcry was done. I'm actually in it at 6:05 on the DVD and also the final shot learning my hand signals from Bruce Redding who taught a huge amount of people on the floor.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Undated CME ad from 1970s

"Not for widows or orphans"

1907 CBOT Membership card

1975 Ginnie Mae futures ad

Full page ad from October 27, 1975 edition of Time Magazine.

LIFFE Trader statue

The statue is located in The City right across the street from Cannon Street Station.

1893 CBOT Membership card

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