Friday, May 6, 2011

Lion dance at SIMEX

In Singapore during Chinese New Year, it's a tradition for businesses to celebrate by having a lion dance which is supposed to invite good fortune for the new year.  I've been in Singapore a handful of times during the festivities and although never witnessed any firsthand, would frequently hear the drums and see the troupes travel from business to business. 

SIMEX would also have a lion dance in the trading pits each Chinese New Year and it must've brought all the locals consistent good fortune considering all the bad fills I experienced in the market there!  Also at SIMEX, most traders wore red jackets because red is a lucky color in Chinese culture, at the CME most traders also wore red jackets but only cause that was the free one the exchange gave to traders.  It looks to me that this is the old trading floor in the UOB building around 2003ish.

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