Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LIFFE floor dismantling

photocredit: wikipedia

Big thanks to Andrew King of the UK for sending on a link to photos of the LIFFE floor at Cannon Bridge being taken apart in April 2000.  Because photographers are usually very uptight about unauthorized use, I won't paste any photos but you can see them at the following link:  click here for LIFFE dismantling photos

*so some people are wondering what's up on the book.....well I'm done with my part and it's just left dealing w/little things before pushing it out, first electronically and then hard copy format.   Besides being very comprehensive, visually it's a beautiful book whose designer has a day job at the world's premier advertising agency and put a lot of thought into the presentation.  I'm not trying to build anticipation or anything but just stating how things stand and figured it'd be done by now myself.  Hopefully not much longer!
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