Thursday, January 31, 2013

Book update

Sorry to let the blog go dormant but I've been finishing up the book and just concluded a final pass on it.  Only thing that's keeping it from release is various logistical things and my hope is it'll be available electronically on Kindle within a few weeks and hard copies shortly after that.  I don't have anything to leak but here is atleast a chapter listing,

1 - History (general history of the trading pit, hand signals, how signals evolved, etc...)
2 - Trades, Traders and the Trading Floor (how a pit operates, role of different participants, etc...)
3 - Prices & Quantities
4 - Months
5 - Years
6 - Functions
7 - Participants
8 - Hand Signals in the Equity Markets (Curb exchange/AMEX signals and CBOE signals)

All of the writing was done by me so it's approached from a practitioners point of view including all the relevant details rather than a dry academic perspective heavy on filler.  Pretty much chapters 3 - 7 are taken from the website but obviously a lot easier to read through in book form and arranged to flow better w/some adjustments.  Also wish I could post my favorite trading pit photos I bought licenses for from Getty Images but can't show them except in the book due to the contract terms.

Anyways, just an update....
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