Friday, April 8, 2011

CME group ditching history

I was nearby the CBOT today so made a quick detour to drop in to see something I didn't know of until recently, in the visitors gallery I read that a plaque existed of "retired" trading badge acronyms which were taken out of circulation to honor certain members.  There were a handful of big names from the past which I imagined would be on there and figured it'd create new trailheads to learn about others and their stature as to how they got such an honor.  Well when I went to the visitor's gallery I was shocked to see all the documentation and history hauled away and replaced by boring posters that described things in a very elementary manner.  What happened to all the old trading memorabilia I have no idea and that retired acronyms listing didn't seem to be left behind.

I figured maybe the lobby visitors center might've gotten spruced up as it was always a very weak explanation for visitors but as the photo at right shows the lobby visitor center is up for rent at the CBOT building.

So I guess there only one source for trading pit history anymore.....

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