Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1900 CBOT banquet program

A program dated 1900 to a CBOT banquet is pictured above and you'll have to click on the photo as usual to enlarge.  It seems to me since every other US commodities exchange was listed, that the CBOT was likely hosting a dinner for the other exchange executives.  Do click on the second photo to check out the menu, absolutely amazing!  Whoever put it together also did a great job selecting the wine w/the courses: Montrachet, Sauternes, Chateau Margaux and Mumm 1895

Before the exchanges became public, they were well known to have a nice entertainment budget.  Prior to when I arrived at the CME, there was an annual event called the "Merc Prom" which was headlined by a big name act like B.B. King.  Because it was a bit before my time I can't give precise details but everyone spoke of it as great fun. 

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