Friday, February 25, 2011

Hand Signals of the London Trading Pits

Well folks, it's finally finished!  The fourth and final installment of the trading pit handsignal prints is finished w/the completion of Handsignals of the London Trading Pits which are based upon LIFFE handsignals.  The reason why this print took so long is that it was very difficult to get full confirmation of the accurate LIFFE handsignals but eventually these were sourced directly from LIFFE education materials.  As with the other prints, these were illustrated by Chicago based illustrator Mike Nudelman and are printed by Chicago based printer Dan Grzeca.  The price on this print and all others going forward is $200 + shipping and will be available in the shop as soon as some technical maintenance is done.  For anyone who was in contact prior to today about the London print, I'll honor the previous price of $100/print.  The London print is limited to a run of only 250 and all are handsigned and numbered by the illustrator.

Sorry about the price hike but this for it to be worthwhile to all parties, one was necessary and even at this price it's virtually a public service considering what other unique art costs.  

I'm still out of the country and don't have the prints in hand but should shortly.  Foreign buyers or any questions can email: tradingpithistory 'at' for further info.

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