Monday, January 24, 2011

Lessons From The Pit

Published in 1999, Lessons From The Pit is an excellent book written by a successful eurodollar options trader shortly after he left the CME to pursue another successful career in land management.  I really LOVED the book and recommend anyone with an interest of the trading pits to buy the book as the author does an excellent job expressing his thoughts and giving the perspective of a successful pit trader.  What's wonderful about the book is that the author breaks from the cliched stereotype of a fast living pit trader and outlines in the book his Christian values from which helped him become a better trader and a better person. 

Because the author left the CME just before my time, I asked a few guys I know from the eurodollar options pit about him and one response was "he was a trader with no enemies" which is extremely rare and speaks to his integrity.  If anything, the author is quite humble and writes the book w/humility as he could certainly brag more regarding his accomplishments.  One chapter not to be missed is his description on trading during the 87 crash, it's INSANE and worth multiples of what the book will cost you.

Buy two copies as you'll want to give one to a friend. 
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