Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Handsignals of the Singapore Trading Pits print

Soon to be off to Dan Grzeca for printing is the newest addition to the trading pit history print collection, Hand Signals of the Singapore Trading pits by Mike Nudelman. The Singapore print is based upon handsignals used on the SIMEX floor, renamed SGX, which closed in 2006. Dimensions of this print are the same as the Chicago print at 18" x 24" on heavy stock paper, numbered and signed by the illustrator and we're expecting a run in the 200 range, priced the same at $100/each. They should be available for preorder through the shop shortly but shipping time will be about a month off.

The NY and London prints are also very close to completion and like every print will feature a different color and face. The only female face is featured on the Singapore print because my primary floor broker on SIMEX was a woman.

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