Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just a quick belated update on some progress...most stuff was backend related stuff on tradingpithistory which needed to be fixed up but more specifically:

-The SIMEX photos are up and all the handsignals were sourced from a participant who was on the SIMEX floor since the early 90s. In addition, of the 70 photos which were added, some CME/CBOT signals were uploaded as well.

-The handsignal print shopping cart is up so the print is offically up for sale at $100 each. The London, Singapore and NY prints are very close to going to the printer but not quite yet.

-Handsignal gallery count is up to 250 different signals and growing so if you have any to share, send word. Already I have more for the next photo shoot but don't know when that will be scheduled.

-Minor technical stuff will continue to be adjusted soon as I'm motivated to do it but that could be a while.
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