Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Handsignals

Apologies for not updating as I've been quite swamped but I do have some signals which will be added thanks to YOUR submissions. All CME currencies (French Franc, Brazilian Real, Mexican Peso, South African Rand, Euro, Aussie Dollar, German Mark, Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar), 2 additional versions of Goldman, slight variation for Deutsche Bank, Refco variation, Saul Stone, Plaza, Kidder Peabody, Dean Witter, Conti two versions, new version Merrill Lynch, Goldberg, Earl Coombs & Co., Rosenthal & Co., Shatkin, Bache, new version of Goldman on LIFFE, Swiss Bank on LIFFE, Fimat on LIFFE, SocGen on MATIF, Credit Lyonnais on MATIF, Schwab on CBOE, Shatkin on CBOE, Goldman on CBOE, 3/4 on CBOE, full AMEX signals.

In addition besides getting some wonderful emails that lead to the above signals, there are a couple resources in NY and London who are helping to submit signals and I've done a bad job following up due to trading, travel, life, etc...but I will hope they can significantly add to the knowledge and history.

If all goes well the signals will get photos taken next Thursday and should be up shortly afterwards. Please if you have any handsignal suggestions, please email them to Thanks!
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