Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two great finds by Chris Willinghurst

The first is a lengthly 16 page article that ran in Donhue's magazine in 1907 entitled "The World's Food Exchange, Sketches of Life and Character on the Chicago Board of Trade." The article is a wonderful primer on the early legends and fuction of the CBOT.

Second submission from Chris was a NYTs article "A visit from 'Old Hutch" from June 23, 1891 on a visit Old Hutch made to NY. It's noted in there about Old Hutch's cocktail:

It took me a while to realize it but that's basically ginger ale and there are some nice unfiltered ginger ales out on the market such as such as Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale by Bruce Cost which I tried recently and is great.
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