Monday, June 14, 2010

Limit Up the movie

1989 saw the release of the movie Limit Up which can't even be found on DVD today as only old VHS copies and a digital download from amazon is available.

Rather than summerize it in complete, here's: Robert Ebert's 2 star review

Some notes that I'll add after a recent viewing:

- The exchange focuses on the soybean market and is implied to be the CBOT but is named The Midwest Grain Exchange in the movie.

- As Roger Ebert noted, a handful of traders must've flown out to LA to work in the movie because the trading pit scenes were rather accurate with a just a couple minor exceptions. I even saw a CME badge or two in the movie amongst the faux CBOT badges.

- There is a bit of tension between the main character who is an aspiring hard working trader who sells her soul outright and another female clerk who strips for her boss. This just proves the movie is complete fiction because that would NEVER happen in real life.

- There were some Amish guys in the visitors gallery which is kinda funny because Charlie D. mentioned he used to see them up there around the same time period.

- The final trading pit scene was like Ghostbusters comes to the trading pit, that's how bizarre parts of the movie got.

- A big focus of the movie is on starvation so the main character keeps the price of beans from soaring and thus preventing world starvation.

-Soundtrack by John Tesh including a song he wrote "Soybean Shuffle"

My verdict is it's not great but not horrible although only worth watching for a trading floor enthusiast.
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