Thursday, August 7, 2014

Admin note

I wanted to give a heads up that this space will be quiet for a while as I'm expecting my first child within weeks and have already cut down on screen time for trading as a result of my wife and I getting as prepared as possible for the baby's arrival. 

In my thinking about having a kid on the way, it's definitely put into perspective time and how quickly it flies by.  As it relates to this corner of the internet, the blog has been up for 6 years now and I last traded in the pit 9 years ago after spending parts of the previous 8 years on various trading floors!  It's a little funny in retrospect how it wasn't even a conscious decision at the time to trade entirely electronic as a full day standing in the pit eventually turned into going there for opens and closes only, then opens only and soon thereafter not even bothering to walk to the floor as better opportunity was on the trading screen.  Even though I was part of it for 8 years, having now been trading entirely electronic for 9 years and only occasionally visiting the floor in Chicago anymore, it still amazes me that something as crazy as the trading pits ever existed in retrospect.

A lifetime of vivid memories can originate from a short amount of time if you were fortunate to be a part of something as interesting as working in and around the trading pits.  To have spent my formative years of 18-25 made the experience more special and eventually I hope to share everything I remember along w/all the memorabilia I've collected.  This might be an improper analogy but I wanted to take a break leaving this thought.....

A lot of my spare time the last few months has been spent reading everything I can about F-105 Thuds during Operation Rolling Thunder.  Pilots who wrote memoirs generally had an even more compressed time of 6-8 months to draw memories from, but air combat clearly leaves a more distinct impression than trading.  That said, one line from a book on Thuds, which I wanted to share, is true for any profession and I felt trading in particular:

"There are pilots who fly fighters and there are fighter pilots.  You guys want to be fighter pilots, not pilots flying fighters.  Look for the difference." - Ed Rasimus When Thunder Rolled
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