Sunday, November 10, 2013

Almost here....

Well it's almost here as I heard word that the books are finally getting on a ship in China this weekend to begin the journey east and should arrive on the West Coast of the US at the end of this month.  I was surprised to learn it 'only' takes a couple weeks at sea for container ships to transverse the Pacific and hopefully only a few additional days are necessary to move from dock to distribution facility afterwards. 

Pictured above shows the different sizes that the book will be available w/the print version on the left, the e-book as seen on a regular sized ipad and to the right on an iphone (which I refer to as the "Tijuana Bible" size).

The electronic version is about 99% the same as the print edition but some final adjustments were made to the print book including a slightly different cover design.  Predominantly this book was intended for print and we went to great lengths, including using one of the best printers, to orient it for print.  However, it was important to make an ebook version available for those who prefer to read it that way or don't want to deal w/shipping outside the US so the ebook remains available only on the Apple itunes store and then read on the Apple ibooks app.  (Buying it once allows downloading it to the iphone and ipad, FYI so it's not like to have it on both would require an additional purchase)

Once we tighten up the print availability dates (expected roughly Dec 1st) and open preorders then I'll post something up here on additional details.
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