Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trading Places background detail

photocredit IMDB

Hard to believe that the movie Trading Places is 30 years old this year!  A COMEX clerk from the era wrote in to share a little background on the filming,

"NYBOT/ICE likes to claim the movie was filmed there because it was about
orange juice but in fact it was made in the gold pit on Comex. All four NY
exchanges shared space at 4 World Trade Center and the gold pit was the
biggest at the time. Comex badges are green and you can see them predominate
in the live action footage and on all the actors. As a reference, the
Cotton/OJ badges were orange, the Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa badges were light
blue, the Nymex yellow and those who had seats on all four were gold. In the
film you can see a booth number which was in the Comex quadrant and several
Comex officials were thanked in the credits."

The picture below illustrates his points


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