Monday, April 1, 2013

Trading Pit Hand Signals - the book

In a rushed way last week I did leak the cover of my upcoming book; Trading Pit Hand Signals, and w/a little more time now I can explain about the delay in distributing it.  Pretty good cover though, eh????

The book has been finished for a while but a lot of issues have arisen w/the digital conversion causing delays.  Without describing the entire e-book industry, there are basically two formats: .epub files which are industry standard and .kf8 which is Kindle's proprietary format and thus we've been working on two file creations.  The other factor which has been a huge headache is the difference between fixed or fluid formats and while attempts have been made to go w/a fluid format, it seems like the digital version will have to be fixed format in order to retain the proper design.  Of course I could always upload it on .pdf immediately but am holding out for proper e-book formatting.

Most e-books are ugly and look like simple Word documents but we're sticking to far higher standards with our creation.  I'm currently under the assumption that I'll get a fixed format version to distribute within two weeks, so we shall see.....

As for a print version, that process hasn't even begun!
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