Thursday, May 17, 2012

New blog

photo credit Craig Damrauer

One thing that's been on my mind for quite a while is to share a collection of severe market moves, generally in futures, which serve as a reminder of how extreme various markets can move.  I continually look upon the market w/awe just as Mother Nature occasionally reminds us of her power through a massive show of force.  Generally these highlights will be liquidity squeezes but also scandals, geopolitical events, black swans, participant blowups, etc... and I'll post very clean charts.

The name of the new blog is and it's simply the market's point of view based on (p)rice, (o)pen interest and (v)olume which the charts will illustrate.  Pretty snappy, eh?  Actually came up w/that without even thinking hard. 

At the moment there are probably twenty markets off the top of my head I wanted to showcase and little by little I'll roll them out.  The vast majority of these moves I didn't trade and admit to not knowing the complete story but any insight is welcomed in the comments on there to get a better picture of the story. 

I'll still keep posting here as well but just wanted to create a new outlet of market history.  What certainly won't be on either blog is a discussion of current market moves, how to make money trading, etc... and both blogs are intended to be pretty much for historical reference....along w/the purpose of amusing myself and learning what I can as well.
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