Monday, October 31, 2011

My personal holiday

For me, November 1st every year is a personal holiday as it was the day in 1999 that I started as a clerk on the CME/CBOT, began trading off the floor in 2001 as a backed acct under my mentors and 4 years later in 2005 grew out of that to trade on my own.  Lots to celebrate!  Ironically this year is the first day I'll have it off since the clearing firm my trades go through just blew up (MF) and it'll be another day or so before it gets straightened out.

Earlier this year while on a train ride in France I took out the laptop and started writing a bit about how it was to even get a job on the floor.  It's not written for any particular audience, maybe my potential kids, but figured I'd put it up here as it leads up to the day of November 1st, 1999.  The length is 5 pages in Word and it's lightly edited so not totally complete, but hopefully it gives a laugh or two to others as it was fun to go down memory lane for me.  The story also shows why I enjoy the ride everyday cause it was a hassle to get here in the first place!

If you can't read it on the embed, here's the link to the scribd upload.


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