Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'll be traveling and as Blogger is blocked by the destination country's firewall, there won't be any posting for the next few weeks. Having had this blog up for about 18 months, I figure now is a good time to ask for feedback as to what all the readers are looking for. Some examples:
-books on exchanges (cause I've got all those)
-books on pit traders (cause I've got all those as well)
-pictures of the trading pit (cause I've got hundreds of those)
-more memorabilia (cause I've got that)
-videos (hard to find but I can)
-personal stories of funny stuff I saw on various trading floors
-art (or which more is being made)

This blog is generally for me to share but it's always nice to get requests and of the handful I've corresponded with, it's always been rewarding so either leave a comment below (anonymously if you wish, no registration is required) or email me: tradingpithistory 'at'

The only thing I don't want this to be is a "how to trade" blog because there are millions of those on the web, albeit that 99.9% are run by shills. I know how annoying it is for blogs not too update frequently and I'm guilty of that and want to do more. Trading has kept me busy but a number of great things will continue to roll out shortly, namely the Chicago handsignal print, SIMEX handsignals photos, and more postings on books/photos if requested. Eventually this blog will merge onto but there are some projects to finish before that.
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